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Q & A Frequently Asked Questions
Usage Regulations
Is it possible to explain about your usage regulations?
Our usage regulations cover important aspects with regard to intellectual property rights and the handling of secret information. Therefore, we always ensure that these regulations are explained appropriately to companies. We also provide explanations to individuals/organizations other than companies, so please get in touch with the Coordinator's Office for more details.
Article 5 (3) of the usage regulations refers to usage for the purpose of commercialization; could you explain what kind of usage this refers to?
For example, let's say a company is contracted to carry out some analysis work. The company then takes samples from the customer and carries out said analysis at low cost using this location. The company then sells the data obtained in the analysis to the customer, thus making a profit. This article refers to these types of actions.
Usage Application
Is it necessary to make a usage application every year?
No, once a usage application is made, there is no need to apply again every year. As long as there have been no changes, we can use your registered information to create and send usage fee statements, issue invoices, and send usage reports.
What should I do if there are any changes to the registered information in my usage application?
Our usage application site provides three options: New, Update/Amend, and Multiple Applications. In case of a change in information, please select Update/Amend and fill in the new details. When making a change, the Update/Amend option will ask you to fill in information such as:
・Research task
・Responsible person
If the changes are relatively minor, you can either write the changes over the appropriate data item on the usage fee statement or e-mail us with the details; we would then be happy to make the changes for you.
When shall I make a usage application?
As a general rule, usage applications must be made before using any equipment, after agreeing to our usage regulations. We explain these regulations directly to companies, so they should make their application after receiving this explanation. However, if you are at a far away location, it would be difficult for you to visit us multiple times; therefore, we can explain our usage regulations at the Coordinator's Office on your appointed measurement day, and then you can make your usage application afterward.
Usage Reports
Do I have to submit a usage report every time?
Submitting a usage report for each instance causes a great overhead to our users; therefore, we ask that you submit a usage report only once at the end of the year. Please make a report of all your usage results for the whole year. Even if you have only used it once or you did not obtain any results, please submit a report as evidence of your usage. In addition, the usage reports should cover the research tasks outlined in the usage application. If you have multiple usage applications, you should have multiple research tasks, so please make sure to create multiple usage reports.
What does the usage report form look like?
Usage reports should be submitted as one single page in A4 format. The data to be filled in includes research summary, experiment, results and considerations, essays, academic announcements, etc., as well as related patents. We will pre-fill and send you other information such as support task number, support task name (research tasks of the usage application), name, department, and support organizations.
How are usage reports published?

Usage reports are published on the web site of the project’s representative organization. A password is required for viewing the reports, so please contact us for an account if you would like to access these reports. In addition, University of Tokyo is separately publishing collections of combined research results on micro-processing and micro-structure analysis, so if you are interested please get in touch with us.
In the usage report, do I have to include information about new inventions or data prior to a scientific announcement?
As a general rule, we publish all usage reports; however, in cases where reports include information of this nature, we are able to defer publication for two years.
Confidentiality Agreement
How is the confidentiality agreement executed?
We have confidentiality agreement templates that we use to negotiate with the relevant departments. Once the agreement is finalized, two copies are created. Both parties then affix their seals to these copies, with one copy being kept by each party.
Patent Applications
When applying for patents, are they made as joint applications with University of Tokyo?
There is no need to make a joint application as long as there has been no knowledge transfer and no signed joint research agreements. However, you do need to notify us that you have made a patent application.
Usage Fee Invoices
How are usage fees invoiced?
All usage fees are calculated monthly, at the end of each month, in order to create usage fee statements. After the end of the month, this usage fee statement is sent to you including your usage details for that month. You will need to verify the statement, affix your seal, and send it back to the Coordinator's Office. Afterward, we will send you any relevant invoices, and the like, so you can send your payment to a specified University of Tokyo bank account before the deadline. Invoices are sent around the middle of the month after the usage month, and the payment deadline is one month after that.
How should acknowledgments be specified?
Templates for acknowledgments are available for download from the web site, so please use the most appropriate one for your acknowledgment.
Equipment Usage
I will be using the equipment for the first time, so I am a bit concerned that I might not able to do it correctly.
Please rest assured as most people will be using the equipment for the first time. We run courses as necessary about the use of each type of equipment. For example, at XPS and XRD, the manufacturers provide courses and practical training for their equipment. Also, at TEM, they provide one-to-one tuition to match your ability, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.
I would like to find out the reservation status of the equipment.
Please contact an equipment representative to find out the reservation status of a particular device. Some people have expressed their wish to see reservation statuses online; however, sometimes it is necessary to make urgent repairs or maintenance work on the equipment, which would cause inconvenience to anyone wishing to make a reservation. Therefore, with the exception of some equipment, online reservations are not currently available.